What to do with your old toys or your collection

We continue to be astounded by the number of people who have collections packed away with no space to display or with no one to enjoy them.

We believe these things should be shared and enjoyed.  While we cannot buy all the toys and collectables we see, we gratefully accept all donations and we also intend to provide a safe area for guest displays.  If you would love to see your collection of teddy bears or sewing machines on display we can help.  These toys will remain your possessions but would be on loan to The Toy Collector for an agreed time.

Any donations will be attributed to the donors and loan collections will be accompanied by an agreed narration about the owners.

If you would like to know more about this please contact Alan to discuss. or 03 - 3667785


As we look to finance the last stages of this venture we are offering a unique opportunity to sponsor a cabinet. 

Your company name and logo can appear on the base of one of the stand alone cabinets or maybe you'd like to sponsor the diecast room!

Download the details here or call us on 03-3667784. 


We couldn't have opened without the support of some great businesses that have believed in our dream and helped us along the way.

We are eternally grateful to:


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