The Toy Collector

The Toy Collector continues on as the retail shop in the foyer of the new museum that allows us to share our love of toys and encourage and assist others with their own collections. Our range includes both new and second hand diecast, Hot Wheels, Playmobil, lead figures and puzzles.  We also provide lay-by for those special gifts. If you're not into online shopping and prefer seeing and picking up the objects you are buying, then come and visit us.

We are the sole South Island distributors of Regal Soldiers - proudly NZ made.


We are open 7 days as part of the

NZ Museum of Toys & Collectibles.

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36 Manchester Street

 Christchurch, NZ

Ph 03 366 7785

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In February 2016, many years of dreams and collecting evolved into the opening of The Toy Collector; an eclectic collection of toys through the ages, designed to put a smile on your face and remind you of childhood days of playing, whether recent or very distant. In December 2019 we decided it was time to expand so to make this possible and ensure it's longevity the previously privately funded museum was handed over to a newly created charitable trust - NZ Toy Heritage Trust and the New Zealand Museum of Toys & Collectibles was launched.  The museum continues to house our ever expanding and changing collection as well as others' generously lent collections.


Take a peek at what's through the doors at the new museum.